“Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for other’s” – Martin Luther King JR.

Helping or to do something for others is not always about donating a monetary value, it’s also about going above and beyond that and donating time, resources and a helping hand. Blacktown Workers Club Group (BWCG) has been working on making a difference, not only within our three venues but in the wider community. The BWCG envisage growth and with that our goals, our projects, our vision grows.

Over the past few months some of these projects include Ratha’s Market Gardens at Workers Hubertus Country Club, a new tranquil garden for Mount Druitt Hospitals Palliative Care Unit, the One Meal “it makes a difference” initiative and Homeless Persons Week initiative with Parramatta Mission.

Ratha’s Market Gardens is a help2help initiative. Help2help and the BWCG originally started their journey together last year whereby our staff went to Cambodia to help the communities and families that were still affected and struggling from the four-year reign of Khmer Rouge (1975-79) when over a million lives were taken.

The name Ratha comes from a young boy found in a secluded location in Cambodia who needed urgent assistance, as he suffered from significant disabilities. Ratha was the major inspiration behind the help2help charity.

Since 2011 help2help has been providing education, health and humanitarian services to the children of rural Cambodia. In 2017, help2help Australia commenced operations with view to provide humanitarian support to disadvantaged groups, specifically within the Sydney basin. Additionally, pledging to assist smaller charities who may not receive any form of financial or volunteer support.

Help2help and BWCG will be partnering by building a garden at Workers Hubertus Country Club which will provide products such as general in-season fruits, vegetables and poultry to the various Ratha’s Cafés to reduce the cost of business and maximise profits which can be used to provide aid to disadvantaged groups in Australia. The vision with creating market gardens was not only to provide the product to the Cafés but also to provide employment for people with a disability in this space.

“We are very excited at the prospect of working together to make a difference in the lives of people with different abilities, in providing meaningful employment.” – Blayne Webb – help2help Director.

The garden is set to go ahead within the next few months with a special thanks going to Brett – Workers Hubertus Country Club Venue Manager for tying all this together with help2help. Another garden, however, was completed on the 25th of July for “Do Something Day”.

Do Something! A day is all about encouraging people to give their best through volunteering, donating to charities or performing a random act of kindness.

In just under 4 days the entrance for the Mount Druitt Hospital Palliative Care Unit was transformed from a dusty patch of land to a green and peaceful place for reflection.

“I know this will really make a difference to our patients and their relatives coming into the facility seeing that they have a warm space and that they will be able to sit and reflect” – Mt Druitt Hospital Palliative Care nursing unit manager Trish Dalgleish.

Special thanks go to Geoff, Chris and Steve – BWCG Groundskeepers for all the time and work they put into making this project come to life. Special thanks also go to all the BWCG Staff that were involved in helping in every way they could. Even more, thanks go to Billabong Turf, Park Equip, Blacktown Building Supplies and local tradesmen including Keith Sleaman and his team who all donated their time and supplies to this project.

Another project that has been ongoing for the past few months is the work our catering team is doing to provide healthy and hearty meals to the homeless, destitute, impoverished and underprivileged people in our community. Through the help of One Meal – “It makes a difference” many homeless and underprivileged people are receiving the nourishment that is needed.

The BWCG have an arrangement with One Meal whereby every Saturday, twenty-five healthy and hearty meals are made and packed up and taken to our local and wider communities.

One Meal works hand in hand with another BWCG staff (Workers Warriors) initiative that took place in early August.

Homeless Persons Week held by Parramatta Mission was held between 5th of August and Friday 10th August. However, a lot of work had gone into making the week what it was. For months in advanced BWCG staff took it upon themselves to raise money to purchase brand new backpacks, blankets, clothes, toiletries, other hygienic products and many more essentials. With staff also donating many products to the great work that is done at Parramatta Mission.

Parramatta Mission has been providing services to people in Greater Western Sydney who are homeless, facing crisis and living with mental illness since the early 1970’s.

Not only did the Workers Warriors manage to donate a bus load of much-needed items our staff also donated their time during the Homeless Persons Week, helping out with handing out food, drinks and hampers to the homeless and those in need.

Special thanks go to Margaret, Sandra and Traci who were the backbone of this project from the beginning. This project is not over, with the three planning to continue this every year and even planning on bringing a similar program to the heart of Blacktown.

This is only a snippet of what the Blacktown Workers Club Group are doing, with more goals and more projects in our sights.

We are change, We are growth, We are community, We are Workers.