Virtual Bingo

Join Brayden as your Bingo Caller for virtual bingo every Monday, with a daytime session at 11am and an evening session at 6pm

Free to Play

To participate:
1. Go to https://app.bingomaker.com/play to access Join a Game and download your bingo card
2. Search “Workers Club Bingo” within 30 minutes prior to the session, passcode is 2148, add your first name and member number
3. Catch the draw live on the Workers Blacktown (main club) Facebook page
4. For the best experience, have your bingo card open on one device (computer, phone or tablet) and the Facebook live stream on another device
5. You don’t need to call out bingo to win, all winners will be announced and contacted after the session to confirm their prize.

Prizes are $20 worth of Workers Rewards Points per game.

Not a member? Join now for just $6