What a time it has been, 60,000 truck movements to move 64 Olympic swimming pools worth of soil to make room for our new look H.E. Laybutt Sporting Complex at Blacktown Workers Sports Club.

May 2017 work began on the massive 30 million dollar development with almost 37,000m2 of luscious green grass laid to sit in front of the two 350-seat capacity grandstands with multiple change rooms, canteens, corporate rooms, 2 carparks, plaza areas and a 2.7m high by 3m wide elevated board walk which traverses through the riparian zone (land alongside the creek) which links the fields together. All this came together with the help of the Workers Club sporting and sub clubs to create something unique and special for the community.

The four playing fields which include 2 football (soccer) fields, 2 state grade rugby league fields, and a cricket pitch has over 20 kilometres of pressurised irrigation piping underneath them which will then irrigate 100% of the residual stormwater and irrigation water runoff which is captured in a 1,000,000-litre tank. All 4 playing surfaces were designed to retain and recycle as much water collected on site as is economically and physically practical. This will make the fields self-sufficient and ecologically sustainable and friendly.

Fast forward to November 2018 where there was a big sense of achievement across the board.
Construction was completed, all that was left was the mammoth task of landscaping the surrounds of Australia’s largest privately-owned sporting fields.

Fast forward again to February 2019 where the trees are blossoming, the grass is freshly cut, the lines for the new fields are being marked out and that sense of ultimate completion was only around the corner.

The official opening was held on the 2nd March 2019 which marked a new level in quality sporting complexes for local people to enjoy with 54 acres (21.8 hectares) to facilitate not only football, rugby league and cricket but also lawn bowls, tennis, netball and baseball.

The grand opening was a free event for everyone to attend, it consisted of live music, food trucks, kids entertainment, rides and the first games to be held on the new fields. The very first games were played by the future of our sporting clubs, our under 6’s junior rugby league and football teams. Played shortly after was our very own men and women from the Australian Army, R.A.A.F. and Navy battling against each other in 2 games of rugby league. These games were in support and to raise much needed funds for not only White Ribbon Australia but for local organisations such as WASH House and Blacktown Women’s & Girls that support those affected by family and domestic violence.

The second of March did not only set a new standard of grounds to entirely new level, but it brought a brand-new era to the Workers Club Group (WCG), it’s members, guests and to the city of Blacktown.

“This year we stepped up our efforts past anything ever done before to create an amazing opportunity for our community members to grow, enjoy life and valuably contribute to the community in which they live” – Kay Kelly WCG President

There were many boxes that the WCG wanted to tick and many boxes were ticked even before Kay Kelly cut the ribbon to the new sporting complex. Ask the question to anyone, when you see a sporting field what do you see? The normal response you would get back would be “somewhere to play sport” or “a place for the kids to run around”.  When this question was asked to the Workers Club, their answers started with Creating, Building, Growing, Caring and Improving.

Creating a safe environment for our kids, the kids of Western Sydney to play with their friends competitively and socially. Creating space not only for the kids but for all ages ranging from their youngest of 4 years of age to the all age men and women still playing in their 80’s.

Building a pathway for all players and teams to excel their skills and develop a strong mentality for their lives. Building a culture like no other bringing players and teams from all over the state, country and overseas to showcase their abilities on the world class fields.

Growing a family with now over 100 teams and over 2000 individuals volunteering, playing and working under the Workers banner in football, rugby league, cricket, lawn bowls, tennis, netball and baseball. The future is now in Workers Sports Club’s back yard.

Caring for the wellbeing, giving the 55,000+ members of the Workers Club Group and the 340,000 strong community a sense of belonging in providing fields for the ever-growing Blacktown family.

Improving the lives of the young and old, giving more opportunity to the community reducing obesity, health problems and giving the community space to grow and enjoy life.

$899,807.00 was how much the WCG gave to their sporting and sub clubs in 2018. No other business in Australia provides the level of commitment to sporting and sub clubs as the Workers Club Group. The amount previously mentioned is not the final figure as the Club has provided to brand new canteen outlets for the football and rugby league clubs to generate revenue by selling food and beverage from their own outlets.

The fields and facilities come at a cost to maintain and operate, including the time it takes to mow, mark lines, cleaning and to serve our sporting and sub clubs. The WCG see this as an integral part of who the Workers brand is and their role in the local community to provide these for our community to enjoy.

The Workers Club Group believe that this is only the beginning of the endless opportunities that the fields and facilities will create, but also providing support to not only amateur sport but support to the quickly expanding community.

This is the difference we make.