Common Groundz Community Café recently celebrating their 10th birthday is so much more than a cafe. Located in Lalor Park, this not for profit is a social Hub for the local community and a place of retreat and service for those in need.

Opened in 2008 as a direct response to growing social dislocation and disadvantage in Lalor Park, the cafe, its staff and volunteers, committed to serving the needs of the local area by bridging community through engagements and events, and committing to projects and partnerships under its mission all while serving quality food and coffee – made with love, of course.

Danielle RG a Lalor Park local knows how to bounce back from a personal struggle and through her latest art initiative, she hopes to help others do the same. The youth worker and artist with Creative Groundz Studio have launched their collection of Therapy Dolls here at Workers Blacktown on the 21 June 2019, designed to help those with mental illness, trauma or social issues.

The collection featured 18 unique dolls, each with a personal story and experience, such as depression, LGBTQI, autism or physical abuse. Plans for a second collection of 25 dolls is also in the works.

The Therapy Dolls are hoped to be used as a tool for children and youth in therapy and for them to be used in schools, clinics and community groups.

Although designed for young children and youth who are affected by illness, mental health and individual trauma, these dolls have been created as a way to open up dialog for vulnerable members of our community.

The proceeds of all Stitches Dolls directly support Creative Grounds Studio community arts and Common Groundz Community Café Lalor Park community projects.

Since their opening in 2008 the Blacktown Workers Club Group has had the privilege to support and donate close to $170,000 to Danielle RG and the team at the Common Groundz Café, Creative Groundz Studio, the new community initiative of the Stitches Collection – Therapy Dolls and the amazing work that they do for our local community.