What is BYSA?

Blacktown Youth Service Association (BYSA) was established in 1986 for youths needing guidance and assistance to find their purpose and positively transform their lives. The youths that are welcomed into the humble abode come from disadvantaged situations such as domestic violence, abuse, neglect and some experience homelessness. BYSA has been a safety net that catches young people as they fall through the cracks of society by early intervention to change the trajectory of their lives. They believe that youths should be included to make decisions about their lives and communities rather than being silenced and obey rulings by government departments. Their slogan “Don’t talk about us without us” has started a movement and commanded government departments to listen to youths. As Harrison Ford said, ‘there is a new force of nature at hand, stirring all over the world. They are the young people and best thing we can do, is to get out of their way’.

How have we helped so far?

The Board of Directors of Blacktown Workers Club Group (BWCG) did not hesitate to assist when an urgent request to support BYSA was put forward by Stephen Bali MP.
BYSA assist the young people in Blacktown who are homeless, victims of abuse, unemployed or suffering mental issues and due to the impact of the pandemic there was an influx in the number of young people needing assistance and available resources were diminished. The emergency donation of $4,000 for food and hygiene packs enabled BYSA to distribute these to the youths in need.
This contribution has prompted the BWCG to continue with raising awareness and gathering much needed commodities for those at BYSA.

What can we do to help?

A new initiative from the BWCG is to provide BYSA with non-perishable health foods, hygiene products and mobile phones with donation boxes at all three venues.
BWCG have also set up donation boxes for the ‘BYSA Christmas Dinner Appeal’ to show the homeless and disadvantaged youths that we care. All donations are welcome no matter how small and will be much appreciated by Blacktown Youths.
For more information on BYSA please visit www.bysa.org.au and to keep up-to-date with donation news and stories make sure to follow Blacktown Workers Club on Facebook.