At the 2018 Clubs & Community Awards, we were honoured to be recognised for our outstanding contributions in “Youth Leadership”.

Blacktown Workers Club Group have been busy this year building lives that MATTER, matter not only to the individual living them but to the families that they are part of and to the community in which they live.

Let’s break down a well-known saying “when there is a will, there is a way”. If you are determined enough, you can find a way to achieve what you want, even if it is very difficult.

The children in our local schools are our future. Most of them are determined, they do have a “will” to learn, to strive, to move forward. Unfortunately, some children don’t have the right tools, surroundings, up-bringing and some have special needs, physical challenges or speech difficulties. There is a “way” for these children. Introducing The Clontarf Foundation and The Learning Links Foundation.

This year we stepped up our efforts past anything ever done before to create an amazing opportunity for our community members to grow, enjoy life and valuably contribute to the community in which they live.

  • We took local Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander youth and built a sporting event which lowered unemployment, understand their own value and build an exciting future for themselves;
  • We took local kids and built a pathway to improve their lives from under 6 rugby league through to NRL first Grade;
  • We helped local children reduce bullying and live a more fulfilled life by providing free speech pathology services to children in need;
  • We spent more than $30 Million on world-class sporting fields to reduce obesity and health problems in local children;
  • We created new employment opportunities for local youth to improve employment rates and offer higher opportunities for success;

Blacktown Workers Club Group has and will continue to change lives.

We would like to extend our thank you to both foundations and to everyone involved, helping us to attain the 2018 Youth Category Winners at the Clubs & Community Awards Night. Winning this award is just a bonus, the real award is working with the Clontarf Foundation and the Learning Links Foundation, helping the youth, their families, our future live the best possible lives they can. Building Lives that matter.