Not only is this a club industry first, this is a World first for Blacktown Workers Club Group and YESVR!
Friday the 13th of September 2019 marks the official launch date for YesVR’s innovative way staff in the hospitality industry train and retain information regarding responsible service of alcohol and possible consequences of their actions through Virtual Reality.
Blacktown Workers Club Group HR Manager Shelley Fletcher said, “We’re very proud to be the first organisation in the world to offer our staff the opportunity to stand in the shoes of a bartender to practice serving customers and navigate challenging situations in the safety of a virtual bar, filmed here at Blacktown Workers Club.
Blacktown Workers’ Club’s commitment to our community and quality customer service means we’re always exploring new ways to improve how we do things for the benefit of our members. To continuously improve how the experience of our customers, we’re now enabling our staff to serve virtual customers and work through possible consequences of their actions. We believe this innovation will be key for Blacktown Workers Club staff setting new benchmarks in customer service excellence.”
YesVR co-founder, Paul King said, “We gamified training with realistic scenarios set within a realistic workplace environment to ensure our learners were engaged and our content was relevant. We have invested a lot of time working closely with innovative industry leaders like Blacktown Workers Club and front-line staff to ensure YesVR meets the learning objectives of hospitality staff and the operational needs of the hospitality industry.”
YesVR co-founder, Dianne Flakus said: “Virtual reality offers a fun and interactive way for people to practice how to make customers feel welcome whilst reducing stress, minimising risk of harm and helping to prevent situations escalating in the workplace.
As an industry veteran, I know how stressful and daunting working in hospitality can be. Statistics indicate a significant number of people working in hospitality are young, casual workers. Managing difficult customers can be particularly challenging for new or inexperienced staff so it’s important they are effectively trained and well supported.
Allowing people to interactively navigate confronting scenarios in a safe, virtual workplace allows people to be better prepared; it develops a person’s confidence to manage difficult conversations, and they know what to do to take control in the event of an incident.
We anticipate the win for Blacktown Workers Club’s employees and patrons will encourage other venues to
explore the future of training with our award-winning VR solution.”
For more information visit https://www.yesvr.com.au/